"Dr. Morris is a caring doctor who cares about all of his patients.  He listens to you and will explain about the type of care he is giving you with understanding words.  What Dr. Morris's message to his patients is about taking care of your health and using the tools he has to better your health.  At every visit, you are given complete attention to your concerns and leave knowing that you are well cared for.   I feel a sense of comfort at this practice, a sense of family."-  Eva M.C. (Buffalo, NY)

"I feel like I've been given a second chance by seeing Dr. Morris.I have been to 6 other chiropractors prior to starting at New Health.I've had many health issues from anxiety and depression to physical pain and weight problems.After an informative orientation regarding the services offered, I asked the doctor if he could help me considering my complicated history.He looked me straight in the eyes and said, absolutely!I knew I had found a solution.While being incredibly detail oriented in his practice, I have never met any human being who cares more about people.Simply put, the care I've received at New Health has changed my life.In less than 12 visits, I can barely recognize how I felt before I started.I have more energy, feel great, and look forward to continuing the lifestyle that I've always desired thanks to Dr. Morris."  -Dave P. (Buffalo, NY)

"I was very hesitant to seek chiropractic care, but after suffering constant back pain for months and seeing two different physical therapists, I knew I had to try something different.I contacted Dr. Aloi-Morris and was convinced that I would feel better if I gave chiropractic a chance.After my first visit, I not only felt better, but an unrelated chronic shoulder pain was GONE!I have continued to improve and now understand the importance of alignment.Having this experience, I will certainly be continuing with wellness care."  -Karin D.(Lancaster, NY)

"When I started treatment, I was in very significant pain from sciatica.  The treatment I have received has helped dramatically.  I am very pleased with the treatment I have received here and highly recommend it to others!  The doctors are very easy to work with.  I was treated respectfully and experienced no discomfort with their treatment."  -Phil T. (Orchard Park, NY)

"Dr. Morris has adjusted me on several occasions.  My back, my neck.  I've had a whiplash incident in my early twenties and now that I'm in my fifties, I have frequent headaches.  Because of that I tend to be guarded when having a neck adjustment.  With Dr. Morris, I feel at ease.  He takes his time to evaluate and assess the situation before he eases into the adjustment without using excessive amounts of force.  I truly feel cared for.  Thanks to Dr. Morris for going the gentle way."  -Juliette V. (Dutch Harbor, AK)

"This was my first time to a chiropractor; I was a little leery.  Dr. Nick helped me with my lower back issue through adjustments and vibration.  I would highly recommend New Health to anyone who needs help.  I never once had to wait to see the doctor.  I am playing a lot of golf; without seeing Dr. Nick, this would not be possible.  Thank you..."  -Jerry K. (Hamburg, NY)

"As the healthcare landscape changes, it's more important than ever to embrace preventative measures in our personal health and well-being.For the past six months, my personal pursuit of health and wellness led me to New Health Chiropractic and Vibration Studio.  Under the watchful eye of Drs. Nick and Lisa Morris, I began a twice per week regimen of infrared sauna and vibration sessions coupled with chiropractic adjustments.  In addition, after an in depth fact finding session, Dr. Nick and I devised a schedule of nutritional supplements to augment the integrated services.  I've been very satisfied with the results of my time at New Health.  My back pain has greatly lessened; I have much more energy, and friends consistently comment on how great my skin looks.  In short, I feel more balanced and healthy than I have in years.  The chiropractors at New Health are well versed in the latest preventative modalities.  They are eager to tailor a program that best meets the needs of each patient.  Regardless of your current state of health, I highly recommend New Health."  -Nancy M. (Orchard Park, NY)

"Dr. Morris's adjustments integrated with the sonic vibration therapy has really helped me gain a higher state of wellness and I am very thankful for all he has done.  At New Health, they understand the importance of educating their patients.  I noticed immediately the difference in how much they value forwarding information, which was much different from my prior experiences.  I would recommend New Health to anyone and everyone."  -Shawn H. (West Seneca, NY)


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