Chiropractic is a healthcare discipline that focuses on the spine and its functional relationship to the nervous system.

The 4 principles of Chiropractic: 

1. The body is automatically self-healing.  By design, you don't have to tell the healing to happen.  It just does!  Examples: broken bone, infection, cuts.  

2. The central nervous system controls and regulates every function.  Everything that happens internally is connected to the master control center (brain).  From there, the spinal cord and branching nerves communicate with the rest of the body.  

3. Stress (misalignment or spinal restriction) interferes with the normal flow of nerve impulses.  When a nerve is irritated or pinched, the result is either too much or not enough activity from that nerve to the organ or tissue it controls.  This is usually noticeable (i.e. pain, headache, numbness, etc.) but is not always symptomatic. 

4. Chiropractic adjustments remove spinal restrictions and restore proper alignment, thus allowing the body to heal naturally.  Good posture and movement is essential for proper function and a pain-free life.  Also, by routinely ensuring a healthy spine, you are preventing degenerative changes over time and helping to achieve a better quality of life!


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